Gordon emotion on 50th anniversary

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Gordon Friday evening its 50th anniversary celebrated with a big party for his friends and family, and that made him emotional.

Gordon is 50

Decked out as he can with a pink hunting MS Jordan, he tells News about his celebration with the theme of The Greatest Showman. “I thought that was a great movie, so, yes, there is going to be tonight, very special happen,” says the singer who radiates happiness, but on his big day also moved touch. “I am especially emotional because all of my dearest people now around me. It was a very eventful half a year and there is a whole lot happened. So that they are here now, that’s it.”

Moved was for sure, after the Gordons biography a bomb put under a lot of his friendships and professional relationships, he had to then with heavy eyes to ensure he loved him for the judge dragged.

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’sweet kid’

And despite that he may have some friends, has lost in the past year by his biography, include Patricia Mine and her husband Robbert, Tineke de Nooij, footballer Johnny Heitinga and Jan and Monique des Bouvrie.

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Also his sisters and brother, with whom he this spring has a lawsuit threatened to have to fight, are present. “It is a sweet kid, a big kid,” says Johny. And sister Marga: “It’s just a special kid, in the past. With three siblings, has-tie, by and by spoiled. And that is it.”

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