) Expected that Belgium adheres to a defence-engagement means

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Jens), secretary-general of Nato, and it is expected that Belgium’s commitment to comply to at 2024 two percent of gdp on defence. But our country has still a very long way to go’.

At the Nato summit of Wales in 2014, the member states agreed to the defence spending at 2024 up to 2 percent of the gross domestic product (gdp). But in 2017, it spent Belgium, there is only 0,90%.

“I welcome that Belgium is stopped, with savings on military spending and re-invests more, but Belgium has still a very long way to go’, says the Nato-boss in an interview with news agency Belga, in the run-up to the Nato summit on 11 and 12 July in Brussels. That will, among other things, in token of a fair burden-sharing within the alliance.

‘The fact is that we all contribute to it with more spending, but with new capabilities and contributions to Nato missions and operations’, says). “I expect that Belgium is also the commitment that we all have been entered into: Belgium defense spending, enacts, invests more in capacity and more aid supplies to our missions and operations. That is part of the membership of an alliance where we protect and defend.’

Prime minister Charles Michel said Wednesday, in the commission’s Defence that Belgium wants to evolve to the average of the non-nuclear EU member states which are part of the Nato (1.3 percent). But) ‘is expected that the European average will continue to rise’.

Trump pulls out

During a special meeting on Nato last year in Brussels, had the American president Donald Trump, hard put out to the allies that the 2 per cent. He also claimed this week that the different member states have their part to pay. ) Suspect that Trump and his message of a more fair burden-sharing during the summit next week will repeat. “That is a message not only of the United States. That is a message that we all are agreed.’

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The secretary-general also put the loftrompet for Belgium, that he, as the host country of the civilian headquarters in Brussels and the military headquarters in Mons, a ‘key country for the Nato’ called. He thanked the Belgian government for the guidance about the construction of the new headquarters, and noted the “important contributions” to the Nato missions and operations.

Replacement F-16’s

Yet according to) it is not up to Nato to decide which type of aircraft the Belgian F-16’s replacing, as long as it is ‘modern’ and ‘capable’ devices.

According to the Nato boss is the vervangingsdossier of the Belgian F-16’s important for the alliance. “Belgium has, in fact, for many years, combat aircraft delivered to missions and operations of Nato, such as the luchtpolitiemissie in the Benelux but also above the Baltic Sea. Belgian fighter planes and you are very skilled pilots are an important contribution to our collective defence in Europe.’

In the case of the replacement of the F-16’s, had the council of ministers on 15 June decided that there are three slopes thoroughly examined would be. In addition to the two candidates from the official RFGP process- the F-35 from Lockheed Martin and the Eurofighter Airbus would so also two other possibilities subject throws a ‘meticulous analysis’: the life extension of the current F-16’s and the French proposal on the Rafale, that is, outside the planned procedure walked.

At a meeting with prime minister, Charles Michel, had) already emphasized that the alliance as soon as possible a decision on the replacement.

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