Ex-girlfriend furious: David Cassidy’s axis in crematorium

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David Cassidy’s ex-girlfriend Maura Rossi is furious, because they are not in the ashes of the deceased artist. TMZ writes that her anger is misplaced.

David Cassidy

The artist was in november cremated and since then his ashes stored in the crematorium. Rossi is here so angry. She fears that David’s family to him, all is forgotten, and finds that she is his remembrance smearing, nothing to do with his ashes. She says here not even to eat or sleep.

But TMZ outdated that it is becoming all the intention was to have the ashes of David only in the summer to sprinkle. That would happen in a place that is dear to him was at the Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs.

David was fond of horse racing and had the wish that his ashes would be scattered on more than 154-year-old racetrack, which he has already more than thirty years regularly visited. When exactly this will happen is not clear, but it is likely the date of 18 August. Then on the track in Saratoga Springs, namely, the David Cassidy Memorial Race. In the town also carry all of different benches, the national racing museum and Hall of Fame, his name.

David Cassidy passed away in november last year at the age of 67 to organ failure.

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