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Elvis Costello must tour stop fight against cancer

Elvis Costello must tour stop fight against cancer

The British singer Elvis Costello should make his European tour to stop. He made Friday announced that he is fighting against an aggressive cancer, and that he is the six is still scheduled European concerts have to cancel. Elvis Costello & The Impostors, played Monday and Tuesday in a sold out open-air theatre Rivierenhof in Antwerp.

‘Six weeks ago, called my specialist to me, and said: “you need to with the Lotto start play”. He had only rarely, or perhaps never, a little, but a malignant tumor is seen, that with a single operation could be defeated, ” writes Costello on his website. “I was excited and relieved that the European summer tour could continue.’

The Brit explains that after a surgery like his, is advised to have three to four weeks to recover, but that it is very difficult to estimate how he as a musician on tour, every night a half hours to two hours occurs, would react.

“I want our friends to thank that last night we were present in Amsterdam, and also in Antwerp, Glynde and Newcastle City Hall for me to support,” he writes. ‘Spiritually, I was ready for it to continue to do, but I’ve now accepted that it will take longer than I had hoped to recover fully. Therefore, I must with regret in the heart for all the other concerts of this tour, cancel.’

There were six concerts are planned: in Manchester, Pula (Croatia), Graz and Vienna (Austria), Tysnes (Norway) and Rättvik (Sweden). Costello apologized on his website that he has his fans out there to disappoint, but also states that his health is not in danger can bring. In november and december there is a tour through the USA and Canada on the calendar.

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