Elon Musk shoots grotjongens to help

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PALO ALTO – Billionaire Elon Musk thinks that the Thai football players out of the cave in which they are able to be liberated through an air filled tube to the output. The ceo of the maker of electric cars, Tesla, space SpaceX and tunnelboorbedrijf The Drilling Company argued that on Twitter. Musk sends engineers from SpaceX and The Drilling Company to Thailand to help.

Elon Musk

Musk thinks that a nylontube with a diameter of 1 meter to the place where the football players are stuck. If it blows up “like a bouncy castle” that will cost you considerably less power than the draining of water. In addition, the boys and their companion to walk outside. The football players can’t swim, and now get a crash course in diving and swimming.

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Musk thinks that his plan can work if there are only tubes in the flooded parts of the cave are laid. However, there are possible difficulties which are difficult to estimate if you are not on the spot.”

Stranded team

The world is already days in the ban of the stranded team. The boys and their trainer disappeared on 23 June during a visit to the caves. Divers found the group only return this week. They are stuck on about 4 km away from the entrance.

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