Ekdom about salary: “I don’t really have the grand prize received’

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According to the latest rumors, will Gerard Ekdom by his transition from NPO Radio 2 to Radio 10, more than double his current salary. The dj would be a half a million euro per year will earn.

Gerard Ekdom

The NPO should Ekdom not more than 181.000 euros per year to earn, but thanks to his transition to commercial Radio 10, he goes according to Playboy to an annual salary of 500,000 euro. “Money is for me not the most important, and I also have no amounts to call,” he responds in the magazine.

He makes it clear that it’s actually also does not matter how much he earns or what he has to say, because ” it is never a good thing’. “Do you have a success, you are well in your box and think you’re one of the better paid of the public service broadcaster, then you are a greedy grootverdiener at the expense of the taxpayer, even though you work hard for your money. Go your way to the commercial guys, then you are a geldwolf of the worst kind. It is never a good thing.”

“I don’t really have the grand prize received. But again: I’m no amount to call. And again: the money is nice, but much less important than the content of my work.” About what he so important, he is short but powerful: “Artistic freedom, creativity, atmosphere and future.”

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