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Efficient, France should prepare themselves for semi final in world cup: Uruguay partly genekt by blunder goalkeeper

e964b6a8de2800c0820ca27f91c742ab - Efficient, France should prepare themselves for semi final in world cup: Uruguay partly genekt by blunder goalkeeper

If the Red Devils Friday night win of Brazil, then France is the opponent in the semi-finals of the world cup. Les Bleus were in their semi-final with 0-2 too strong for Uruguay. Raphael is looking forward for peace and Antoine Griezmann after scoring the goals. All flaterde Fernando are Moments, however, greatly in the second tegengoal.

Uruguay was without the injured Edinson Cavani, while Corentin Tolisso, his got a chance at the French. La Celeste were as expected the ball to Les Bleus, but did there Paul Pogba and co. very little about it. The first kansjes were even for Uruguay, that the firm charges on a player like Kylian Mbappé partner. Already got that would be the first real chance of the match. His header, however, went in an arc about the target.

The first half hour was bad and so was quick to wolf whistles from the audience. To Vecino, however, still a ball between the posts kicked, but Lloris was alert. Five minutes for rest was 0-1 from the air. Looking forward to ran perfectly and guided a free-kick from Antoine Griezmann with a subtle key to the farthest pole. A few minutes later, there was the egg, after the same, but Lloris picked up from the provisional salvation of the world CHAMPIONSHIP on a header from Martin Caceres.


Uruguay and a backlog retrieval, that often does not work. Moments made just after resting for a warning to wait too long before the ball away to the stairs. Griezmann could just not take advantage. Then, however, it was again a long wait on hazard. Rodrigo Bentancur and Benjamin Pavard tried it from far away, but without success.

On the hour there was again a goal out of the air. A tight blast of Griezmann was completely misjudged by Moments. The Uruguayan goalkeeper is allowed after the ball away to boxing and saw the leather painfully in the target disappear: 0-2. Among others, Diego Godin could his own not believe. Uruguay gave up the fight, but Lloris once again threaten worked on a shoot of Cristian Rodríguez. Tolisso curled a shot on goal, but that was it.

France, and for the first time since 2006 to the semi-finals of the world cup. Uruguay will think: what if Cavani fit?

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