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Curtis Harding:it Was now 1972, 1973 or 1974?

Like Stevie Wonder at the time of Music of my mind, so walked Curtis Harding stage, Klub C on.

Sunglasses from the vintage shop, colorful string of beads around the neck, controlled african. Cool as fuck. And then his white ass henchmen, with their washed shirts and grimy animals. If you have not at the time watched, could swear that he really in 1972, was ended.

On his recent, second album tried to 39-year-old soulzanger is what the stamp of Motown and Stax to come by outside the lines of the retrosoul to colors. Under more by an appeal to klankwizard Danger Mouse, the retro like no other, a contemporary gloss can be given.

But live you could tell there less. Songs like ‘The drive’ and ‘Go as you are’ flaunted with squealing guitar solos and wahwah-effectjes. Harding has a past with garagerockband Black Lips. In the ‘Next time’ ronkte a creamy sixtiesorgel and ‘Drive my car’ boogiede with a glass of whisky too much.

Psychedelic synthstrijkers

Just when it all on a bleak tie and threatened to end up with the baritone sax in the groove for the gear. He injected ‘On and On’ with swampy funk and gave ‘Till the end’, a hefty blunt. Whew.

The influence of Danger Mouse seeped through in ‘Face your fear’ and especially Wednesday morning atonement’, in which psychedelic synthstrijkers and -whistles the soundtracks of horny blaxploitationfilms for the spirit cried.

The seventh soulhemel

Harding shrugged his verleidelijkste falset above and knipoogde to the other Curtis – the late funksoulbrother Curtis Mayfield. The singer threw the tambourine up and legs loose in ‘Need my baby’, the audience was on the other slaggitaartje and the funky discobeat of ‘Heaven’s on the other side, ” not otherwise than follow. Place was to dance anyway, Klub C was only moderately filled.

Otis Redding and James Brown turned to each other, a tongue in the seventh soulhemel with ‘Keep on shining’ and ‘Need your live’, and the tent was still completely flat. Harding is as retro as Lenny Kravitz, but it lacks the pophooks. Fortunately, rushed into the steamy, fun-to help.

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