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Craig David: TS5: Spontaneous dancing legs

Craig David was in the early 2000, a major r&b star. His debut album ‘Born to do it’ came at the right time at number one in the Uk charts, and grew soon to be the fastest selling album by a British male solo artist ever.

Some crackers from that album today without any problems on an urban party can run? ‘Fill me in’, ‘7 days’ and ‘Walking away’. David turned them tonight, all three of us. Because that is what he is today: as a dj he r&b hits from the nineties and nillies – including himself. We realize that if podiumconcept somewhat counterintuitive. Especially if you add to that David and then from behind his turntable to the front came to a game to sing and rap.
But all those who tonight was one of them, will tell you that it worked.

More still, the crowd in the Klub C was in raptures of.

The love was mutual. Because the audience for every song and rapronde encouraged by applause and cheering, got David more and more pleasure in. With an ever-widening smile, he threw his own pearls in the mix, as well as that of fellow nineties – and nilliespopsterren. No idea how your dansbenen was, but those of us shots spontaneously in action on the show from TLC’s ‘No scrubs’, Eves ‘Who’s that girl?’, Sean Pauls ‘Temperature’ and Whitney Houston ‘It’s not right but it’ okay’. And then David had his mashup of Dr. Dre’s ‘Still D. R. E. ” and his own hit ‘Walking away’ is not yet in the competition.

When you heard him sing along with the tape ,or turborappen as if he were the last train in the station of Leuven still had to get to understand you again why Craig David at the time, as soon a popsterstatus got fitted. That voice that is in our memory a bit to zeemzoet sounded, sounded tonight simply impressive and beautiful. And David’s wall-to-wall smile, we were just at.

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