Chinese hack into Australian university

8706a7cb81faa47934e5b3f907d4f87a - Chinese hack into Australian university

CANBERRA – The main university of Australia has for months attacked by hackers. According to Australian media, the attack carried out by Chinese staatshackers, but Australia and the Australian National University say nothing about it.

The university has several research departments that deal with defence and world politics. In addition, scientists have a lot of contacts within the Australian army and the intelligence services. According to the university have the hackers no survey data captured and also no information about employees and students. But Channel 9) on the basis of inlichtingenbronnen that the hackers deep in the systems were infiltrated. “China probably know more about the systems of the university than the university itself”, said one of the sources.

Australia and China have a love-hate relationship with each other. They have major economic interests in each other, but also a lot of political disputes. Australia complains that China in recent years is doing to Australians to influence and put pressure.

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