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Cat and dog: the forgotten film stars

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In ‘The Original Soundtrack’ talk our filmjournalist Jeroen Struys each week about the most beautiful film music on Klara, together with his concullega Robin Brittle. They do a whole summer long, with each week a different theme. This week: a hobby farm.

They have no right to an Oscar, even though they play the people often go home: the animals receive little recognition for their acting. On Klara is our filmjournalist Jeroen Struys this week looking for …

They have no right to an Oscar, even though they play the people often go home: the animals receive little recognition for their acting. On Klara is our filmjournalist Jeroen Struys this week in search of the most beautiful music in beestige actors. But who is the best acting animal? An outstretched leg to the barking and miauwende movie stars.

The battle between cat and dog is also on the white cloth not yet removed, but the biggest heldenrollen are for the dogs to play. They are easy to focus and not be as stubborn as the cats. One of the most famous four-legged friends is Lassie, the collie who in 1943 bioscoopdebuut made and later a tv series. The leading role was for the male collie, Pal, who are proficient in disguise, because Lassie was a female. After his debut he played another in six other Lassiefilms, after which his posterity, the work continued.

Lassie had a pastor at the time and still more famous was: between 1922 and 1931 played Rin Tin Tin in a total in 27 movies. So great was his success that it is claimed that he is Warner Bros. of bankruptcy has saved. Rin Tin Tin, however, was not destined to become movie star, war hero: the German shepherd dog was as a puppy in 1918 by the American corporal Lee Duncan found in a French village, left behind by his refugee owners. After the war the American Rin Tin Tin to Los Angeles, and taught him tricks that he could use if filmhond. The story doing the round that he, too, real star quality idealism: he earned up to $ 6,000 per week and was driving around in a limousine all came that perhaps Duncan for good. In 1929, at the very first Oscarceremonie, were the most votes to Rin Tin Tin for the Academy Award for best actor. Out of fear for losing face, left the Academy in the mood again to continue and came Emil Jennings as the winner. That was also a German.

A few years ago, there was again a Oscarcampagne for a four-legged friend set up, and for Uggie in ‘The artist’. To no avail, even though it was the first French film to ever Oscar for best film won. But in the category of small keffers was the show many years earlier posted by Terry, a cairnterriër that in the years 30 and 40 in sixteen movies sparkled. For just one role, she would be listed on the credits, and this is the role for which she always will be remembered: as Toto in ‘The wizard of Oz’. She did all her stunts herself (move over, Tom Cruise), at risk to his own life, and so it proved when a opponent on her leg kicked. Of that broken leg, she had two weeks to convalesce in the home of medespeelster Judy Garland. So much remained the role to Terry, paste that from then life would go like Toto.

Dogs love to play the hero, but cats have a mysterious flair that is credit to their fellow players. Not rarely, the cat is an omen, a gadget fiend, such as the Turkish angorakat that caressed by george lazenby is boring, in ‘From Russia with love’. Later face remains out of the picture, while he his cat a fish.

But cats are also survivors, such as Jones, the American shorthair, which, along with Ellen Ripley as the only one left in ‘Alien’. The cat was on board the spaceship Nostromo, just as on other ships, pests to combat, but also for entertainment of the crew on the long space trip. Incidentally, it is striking that in alien, the Xenomorph, no hostile behavior towards the cat, who by four different quadrupeds was played. For the fans: journalist Anne Billson wrote a version of ‘Alien’ viewed through the eyes of Jones in her reference book, Cats on film.

A beautiful recent role for a grey cat in ‘Elle’, the movie of Paul Verhoeven from 2016, with Isabelle Huppert as the businesswoman Michèle. The film begins when Michèle brutally in her own home is attacked and raped by a burglar. Will afterwards Michèle hair cat blame that they just watched, and its not to help shot. That you would with a dog never experience.

One of the most iconic movie scenes with Anita Ekberg in the Trevi fountain will get into ‘La dolce vita’ by Federico Fellini. That scene starts when she is a kitten found in the nocturnal streets of Rome, and the blessed animal on her head. Nice detail: even for Marcello Mastroianni to join her adds in the fountain, he gives the straatkatje some milk.

Of course there are many more animals than cats and dogs in movies, such as the pig in ‘Babe’, the killer whale in ‘Free Willy’ and the ape in ‘Tarzan’. But there was also a world-famous bird: Jimmy the raven, often perversely ‘Jimmy the crow.” Jimmy was right from nature stolen a dierentrainer from Hollywood in 1934, a nest found in the Mojave desert. He taught him tricks such as typing and driving around on a small scooter. Jimmy understood hundreds of words, even though they were only fifty or so of these useful on the set. His film debut came with ‘You can’t take it with you’, after which Frank Capra him castte in all his following movies. So you see him very briefly in ” It’s a wonderful life’, but he was also a cameo in ‘The wizard of Oz’. After his last performance in 1954 is nothing more of Jimmy noticed. That is how most of the animal actors is doing.

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