Brooke Shields wearing a bikini for daughters

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Brooke Shields was on a 15-year-old age in one fell swoop famous by her role in The Blue Lagoon. Although the world is her halfnaakt got to know, she feels it is only now confident enough for a bikini to wear.

Brooke Shields

“To be honest, I was never concerned with my body. During the filming of The Blue Lagoon, I was only fifteen and I was still in the growth. Only at a later age, I started my body to work,” says the 53-year-old Shields to InStyle.

“I always wore bathing suits that are practically up to my knees came. My oldest daughter said to me when that I’m so large and uncomfortable-looking. That was the moment I realized that I had to feel in my body, confident, and had to be, so I can be a good example for her.”

Brooke stresses that she and her daughters wanted to show you how a real woman’s body looks like. “We all have a different body type, but to compare ourselves constantly with other women. I’ve now learned that you purely to your own body need to look and your strong points should emphasize. You feel so much stronger.”

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