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Altcoin Rally: NEOs decentralisation, IOTA, NEM, and Cardano are aiming high

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Among the Top 20 of the Coins with the largest market capitalization equal to four Altcoins to attach to a volume. The clear winner of the Top 20 Altcoin Rally NEO with an increase of 38 percent. However, the price of NEM (XEM), IOTA (MIOTA) and Cardano (ADA).

There is something going on in the altcoin market. While the price of Bitcoin could increase within the last seven days “only” to nearly 9 percent, the NEO rate is equal to 38 percent.

Neo: City of Zion, the Era of decentralisation and rise

This means that the price for the “Chinese Ethereum is” currently 35,52 Euro. With a total market capitalization of 2.3 billion euros, NEO is positioned at the moment on place 11 of the crypto-currencies.

This coincides with the Start of the “Era of decentralization”. Because in the 4. July, the NEO Team announced on their Blog the election of a new consensus Nodes. The winner was “City of Zion”, an international Team of Open Source developers on the NEO-Blockchain. At the same time the Team launched a website where you can see the NEO-Blockchain monitor. NEO is always in the criticism, to be a strong centralized project. With the Start of the “Era of decentralization” attempts of the project to emancipate now, apparently.

In the fast Lane: NEM (XEM), IOTA (MIOTA) & Cardano (ADA)

The NEM rates could develop, within the last week. With an increase of 25 per cent and a market capitalisation of 1.4 billion euros and he is currently at € 0.16.

On the third place in the Altcoin Rally, the IOTA project is located. With an increase of a full 20 percent of the IOTA course is now 0.99 Euro. IOTA could in the meantime welcome with Mark Schmidt and Klaus Schaaf two new members to the Team:

Place four in the Top 20 are occupied in the course of the last seven days of Cardano. With the increase in the price of 19,68% and a market capitalisation of 3.3 billion euros, the ADA rate is currently at 0.13 Euro. (05.07.2018 17:30).

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