Actors condemn Turkish boycott of British LGBT film

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The cast and crew of the award-winning British LGBT film Pride have an open letter, condemning the boycott of the film by the Turkish authorities severely condemn. That report British media.

Bill Nighy

The protest is signed by all the major protagonists, among whom are award-winning actors such as Bill Nighy, Dominic West and Imelda Staunton. Also the LGBT activists about whom the film tells, have joined the angry letter.

The Turkish government banned last week for a screening of the film out of 2014 during a meeting of a LGBT organization in Ankara. According to the Turkish government would make the movie inciting “hatred and discord.”


Pride is the true story about a group of British gay activists who were the miners supported during their strikes in the early eighties. They declared their solidarity with the workers, who also fought for equal rights. Later supported the miners, the gays when they fought for legal equality of rights.

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“We are angry and confused about the Turkish boycott of this film and the growing repression of the LGBT community in the country”, the actors. They mention also the Gay Pride last week in Turkey with a hard hand was broken up by the police. “The Turkish government considers a film that solidarity and sense of community preaches the need to prohibit, says a lot about the current political climate in Turkey.”

Pride experienced its premiere in 2014 at the festival of Cannes. Also in the Netherlands, was the critically acclaimed film a modest arthousehit.

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