8 million pounds of debris around earth

624cf11bc9aaeeb8d0a63cd81b102bcb - 8 million pounds of debris around earth

DARMSTADT – Around the earth, flying more and more debris. The are now almost 20,000 fragments, which together, more than 8 million pounds. That is heavier than the eiffel tower, according to the European space agency ESA.

Some 20,000 fragments, also known as ’space junk’, weighing together more than 8 million pounds.

The space debris consists mainly of old satellites and pieces of rockets. That perish not all in the atmosphere of the earth. Ten years ago there were just 10,000 pieces.

Not only is there more debris by new launches. That debris collides more often against each other, allowing the fragments to disintegrate in to smaller fragments. And also that can collide and pulverize. Also, small fragments are dangerous, for example, the international space station (ISS) and for the satellites, which are still in use, because they have speeds of a few tens of thousands of kilometers per hour.

There are ideas to make the space around the earth to clean, but not all plans come of the ground.

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