12 years in prison for fraud with cancer drugs

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ESSEN – A 48-year-old pharmacist from Bottrop, germany to twelve years in prison convicted for fooling around with cancer drugs for more than a thousand patients. The district court in Essen is proven that the man fiddled with more than 14,000 outpatient medicines to his luxurious lifestyle to maintain.

According to the Prosecutor provided he is inferior medicines and infusions, but declared he the original medications with the insurers. By the price difference in his pocket to cross, he could, according to the prosecutor, a villa with a waterslide afford.

Except for the jail, explained to the court him a lifelong professional prohibition. The man was silent during the process, but his lawyer asked for acquittal. The medicijnschandaal was revealed by two of his employees. They were given for their revelations last year, the German prize for whistleblowers.

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