Ziggy Marley calls for peaceful protest

Ziggy Marley wonders why no one songs about what in the is going on in the world. Against Metro, says the reggaezanger feeling themselves called to, like his father, Bob Marley, protestnummers to sing.

“It is perhaps risky, but the time is ripe for it to take risks,” says the 49-year-old Marley-the son. “Not taking risks feels like dereliction of duty. We can no longer watch and do nothing. Humanity has a voice needed to pick them up.”

With his new album, the Rebellion Rises calls for peaceful protest. “With this album, I try to encourage people to our leaders to let them know that we want to live in peace. Without hate, divisiveness and negativity. That is the highest priority. People must be awakened.”

Marley feels in his mission, moreover, are not supported by his colleagues, and finds that the contemporary pop music content is missing. He accuses musicians that they have no statement to dare to take out of fear for declining revenues. “Unfortunately, money is a big influence. I understand it, but I am still a little disappointed in my colleagues. So I thought recently: where is Bruce Springsteen? Come on, Bruce! Where are all the guests?”

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