Wait for years to wasbeergevecht Incredibles

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Incredibles 2-director Brad Bird has fourteen years of a wait, but finally turning the wasbeergevecht that all that time he to his viewers wanted to see in the cinema. He figured out the scene for the first movie from 2004, but the fight between baby Jack-Jack, and the animal was not lost.

“It was intended thereby to draw if a other storyline was kakken”, tells the director to BuzzE. “But we had the luxury problem that that never happened, and so we had the idea to let go of. But I’ve always known that if we make a sequel would make that raccoon sure the shelf would get.”

Although a follow-up movie on the animation fourteen years had to wait, had Bird the storyline for a second Incredibles always been for eyes. “I knew that we still have the super powers of Jack-Jack had to unpack,” he says about the youngest member of the superheldengezin Parr, which the rest do not know that the baby special gifts. “And I always wanted to do something where we the traditional roles are turned around.”


In Incredibles 2, it is not father Bob, mother Helen, who has a secret superheldenmissie take, while pa home, the three children will fit. Feminism wants the director not call that. “It’s going to me more to a family show, the role that parents have and what comes with it. That is something universal and will people over a hundred years still appeal. We also play with the idea of a hero; who is the real superhero, someone who the city attracts in a suit, or the one to let opblijft to his child to help with homework?”

Incredibles 2 is a big hit in the Dutch cinemas. The digital animation studio Pixar is already a week and a half at the top of the list with most visited bioscooptitels. In total attracted Incredibles 2 already almost 200,000 visitors, is evident from the figures of the Dutch theaters.

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