Three of the poachers supposedly eaten by lions

79935b0df4524576d9be44e93c75278a - Three of the poachers supposedly eaten by lions

Kenton-on-Sea – It seems that at least three poachers are eaten by lions in a South African nature reserve. Different parts of the body, three pairs of shoes and one head were found.

The remains lay scattered over a large area, where there is also a shotgun with a silencer, an axe, and thread trimmers were found.

The owner of the Sibuya Game Reserve is sure that the poachers are going: “They were clearly well armed and had enough food with him for days to stay away. We think they behind our rhinos sat.” The axe was probably intended to have the horns cut off. The owner does not exclude that there is still more remains have been found.

“We are always sad when there are deaths, but they came here to get our animals to kill. We hope that poachers will realize that you are not always a winner.”

In 2016, the reserve’s three rhino when poachers them shoot to their horns.

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