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“Think Kompany already at the semi-final? That is their insecurity, road to cross’

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The psychological warfare for Belgium-Brazil has begun. During a well-attended press conference of the Brazilian coach Tite and his captain Miranda in the Kazan Arena tried a Brazilian journalist a fire to start by saying that Kompany already at the semi-finals think. ‘That is to their own fear to hide, responded Miranda bit on a ruling that never happened.

The press conference room of the Kazan Arena was too small for all the journalists. This competition is not only in Belgium a lot of los, but the whole world is looking forward to the clash between the Divine Canaries and the Golden Generation of Belgium. And in big moments is there high game is played. A Brazilian journalist translated – consciously or unconsciously – a reply from Vincent Kompany wrong to the Portuguese and put it to Miranda.

Vincent Kompany says that he is already at the semi-final think. Is that not a bit arrogant’, asked the journalist. Coach Tite still tried: ‘Did that really said?” But Miranda was already on his answer started. “We are used to with such provocations to go,” says Miranda. “I think it’s just a way to their fear to hide. They want to show that they have confidence.’

The Brazilian journalist was what he wanted, a good quote. War language. But that came after a misinterpretation of a response from Kompany. That sounded Thursday like this: “if I stop after the world cup? I’ve not thought about what happens after Friday is done. At this point I think I’m prepared for a competition in St. Petersburg (where the semi finals will be played, ed.).’ In so doing, Kompany only say that he is not a goodbye, think not that he there are already from going to Brazil anyway knocked.

Marcelo in the base

‘Marcelo is ready to return to the base. And Fernandinho will be the place of the suspended Casemiro to take.’ Those are the only two changes that the Brazilian coach will carry. However, going there in the country votes to Gabriel Jesus – who according to some observers, do not work hard enough – to be replaced by Firmino. “Look, Firmino is a different type. He will also have his share. But I think for the game we want to play from the beginning, Jesus is more appropriate. If we at a certain moment, otherwise want to play, Firmino or useful. He deserves to play.”

The Brazilian coach is counting on the ‘versatility’ of his players against the Red Devils, ‘an offensive strong team’. “I expect a great match between two teams that have great football, each with their own qualities’, he noted.

Tite underlined the great creativity within the Belgian team, but also saw his own team progressing. “My group will continue to grow, that you have seen during the last match. That is the most important for me. I see it as a personal challenge to make them better. Each and every day. If allows us better to play than the opponent, the better. That is the way of football that I prefer. But you also win games with bad game. Belgium is a team with many qualities.’

“We will be mentally strong and very focused’, decided Tite. “Those are two very important things to respect. I hope also that the penalty ends. That can’t be the end of a match. We need to find another way, though I know not what.’

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