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The Vaccines: More of the same

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If the camera is on the whey floats, you will see red cups from the zonnegrens (will you lubricate?) But just before the big stage is there, the cool shade, and you notice that the energy at which The Vaccines is roared if not immediately after their announcement stand up.

They start coming up with three guitars: ‘Nightclub’ is a typical up roared, square played drums before number from which The Vaccines there might be to many, it appears as Timothy Lanham for ‘Teenage icon’ the guitar trades in his keyboards.

The Vaccines have a few catchy pop songs of that calibre, such as ‘Wetsuit’, but they are not always creatively. ‘Wetsuit’ for example, would be a great meezingmoment can produce, but the audience was not above the band.

And proudly announced the new songs like ‘All my friends’ pale, yet with an oldie like “Post break sex”: that has lyrically and musically more bite. After fifty minutes you’ve heard, but there will still be ten of the same. Doomed to hardworking middenmoters to continue, we fear.

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