’Surrogate mother’ have white rhino rescue

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Berlin – The death of Sudan, the last male white northern rhino, who, with his 45 years, and despite all kinds of encouragement not more managed one of the two remaining female counterparts to fertilize, no need for the end mean of his race. Scientists are convinced that within three years a white northern neushoornbaby will be born.

The male Sudan, here just before his death photographed, perhaps posterity.

The idea is to get the eggs of the two females, Najin and Fatu to get hold of and who to inseminate with the stored sperm of two male white rhinos. Then, the result thereof is inserted in a southern white rhinoceros, a beast that is closest to the northern variant. Technically, the end result might be a hybrid, but the expectation is that the northern variant almost unchanged in the world.

Scientists have already managed to transfer an embryo with the sperm of the dead ’northern’ man and the egg of a ’southern’ woman. The intention now is to get the eggs of Najin and Fatu to get so that the ’northern’ element is strongly represented.

’Special tools’

That is not so simple. “With your hand doesn’t get you to the ovaries of a rhino. We have, therefore, a special tool has been developed. With the help of ultrasound, we can make a needle exactly in the right place to get to the eggs to get loose,” says professor Thoms Hildebrandt of the Leibniz Institute in Berlin. That remain even with a course under anesthesia, placed the rhinos difficult. “There is a major vein in the neighborhood. If you punctured, the beast is dead.”

Hildebrandt is enthusiastic about the plans. “Everyone had this type already specified.” Not everyone is so happy. According to dr. Terri Roth, the zoo in Cincinnati is Hildebrandt is very, very optimistic. “Placing an embryo in a rhino is still in its infancy and with only two ‘ladies’ of the kind in life is difficult.”

More money to combat poachers

He is also not that science for all should provide a solution. “The money might be better spent to poachers – the cause of the extinction of rhinos – against. That is, in any case, for the southern white rhino did.”

Hildebrandt remains convinced: “The white northern reushoorn failed not in the evolution. He failed because he is not bulletproof and his horn is worth more than gold.”

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