Stars share political message 4th of July

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America fourth Wednesday 242e Independence Day and the stars stood still in the national day, many of them shared a political message.

“Happy 4th of July!”, tweeted Ellen DeGeneres. “This is a land of immigrants, religious refugees, in an adventure with scientists and dreamers is already come far. Let’s continue to do so.” Mark Hamill told the hearing: “Today is a beautiful day to realize that more than 2,300 immigrant children are separated from their family,” he wrote on Twitter with the hashtag ‘sad and un-American’. Kerry Washington said: “I think a lot of freedom today. I believe in the power of the people. And I believe in love. ’Power to the people’. We do, we all do.”

Ron Howard called his followers to be on America’s birthday at the register when voting, a requirement in order to vote in the US. “As a guy who believes in the basic principles of our great nation, I have a request,” said the director, who are followers on the heart, not a minority of the service to form in the country. Actress Anna Chlumsky quoted the American president Abraham Lincoln, that slavery is abolished. “Those others their freedom to deny it, deserve it not for themselves.” Rapper and actor Common said to his followers: “Remember that there is nothing patriottischer than protest.”

There were also stars at the holiday complete stand-still, without any specific message. So handed Will Smith a picture of his hit film Independence Day in 1996 and was Chris Evans reflect on the hundredth anniversary of his film character Captain America. “I understand that 100 is the new 20,” joked the actor. Kris Jenner shared a picture of daughter Kendall, wrapped in a blanket of the American flag and wrote: “Happy 4th of July everyone, I wish you a nice day with love, laughter, friends and family.”

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