Spanish rapper Valtonyc in Belgium

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A Spanish rapper by the court in the country is sought, will have a press conference in Brussels

The Spanish rapper Valtonyc (24) gives later at a quarter past five, together with professor Lieven De Cauter a press conference in Brussels.

José Miquel Arenas Beltrán, so is his real name, since may 24, disappeared without a trace. That day he had come forward to offer themselves to the Spanish court because he was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months imprisonment for the insult of the Crown and the glorification of terrorism. The court has, meanwhile, an international arrest warrant issued for him back in Spain.

In one of his last tweets, he had announced that he was going to Belgium would come. But that was possibly a joke. A few weeks ago, said his lawyer that he joined the local court would sign up and cooperate.

In Belgium, at this time, two Catalan politicians by the Spanish court to be sought. Until now, the Belgian courts did not address the international overleveringsbevel that for them is issued. (hco)

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