Sony place accidentally entire movie on YouTube

a229fbb716fc41f191dd9f7137be78be - Sony place accidentally entire movie on YouTube

Sony Pictures has accidentally the entire film of ‘Khali’ the Killer’ online gezwierd, while the film only a first trailer on YouTube and wanted to convert. Only after six hours put Sony the error right.

Meanwhile, it already had 11,000 people the one and a half hour movie. And although the studio is the ‘Khali’ the Killer’ on Youtube, he circulates, he’s already plenty on the internet. Sony Pictures don’t let it get to his heart. A really expensive mistake is not a problem, because the production budget amounts to “only” 1 million dollars. The studio suspect the blunder just positive will work because of the extra attention it generates and the production thus becomes more popular. In ‘Khali the Killer decides to have a assassin one last job to take before he retires. That command runs completely wrong when he has feelings for one of his targets.

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