Shot lion escaped by scattered caregiver

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MECHELEN – By absentmindedness of a dierenverzorgster has lioness at the end of last month from her stay in a zoo in Belgium can escape. The woman did not notice that there is a veiligheidssluis yet. The lioness was shot dead after it in vain had tried the animal to sedate.

That appears from internal examination of the Planckendael zoo in Mechelen. Measures will be taken against the caregiver. Also cross the zoo to 500,000 euros in additional safety systems for dangerous animals such as predators and elephants.


Lioness Rani walked on June 21, her residence. For hours was in vain tried her through anesthesia off. When they are at a given moment in the direction ran from a few visitors who had hidden in a not completely sealed railway car on the grounds, it was on the advice of experts, and the police decided the animal to kill it.

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That action elicited a lot of outrage. The Flemish minister Ben Weyts (animal Welfare) called the incident “horrible” and not to explain.

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