Sacha Baron Cohen hint at the film around Donald Trump

63474718fbc5ef889f771941800baf29 - Sacha Baron Cohen hint at the film around Donald Trump

Sacha Baron Cohen, announced Wednesday in a video that he will soon be with a new project. Therein seems to be the American president Donald Trump a role to play.

The movie consists mainly of comments on the Borat-actor that Trump in 2012 on YouTube placed. The former businessman reacted therein at the stunts, the comedian, as Borat arranged uithaalde. Trump calls Baron Cohen “a notion of the person” and advises him to go back to school to learn to be funny.

There jumps the Briton now on in. In the clip he announces that he has almost graduated, which he place logos of the now defunct Trump University. Also let him know “very soon” his comeback.

The two have a history. In 2003, Trump was a guest in Da Ali G show, in which Baron Cohen in his role as Ali G. the unsuspecting stars and other celebrities interviewed. Trump has always claimed that he was the only interviewee who was, immediately saw how the fork in the stem was and the interview is run, while the comedian insists that the interview with nine minutes on the clock already was nearly completed before Trump it broke.

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