Sabien Tiels stunt with new single

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Sabien Tiels come up with something which is quite a small stunt can be called. Three weeks ago appeared to Sabien, the single ‘A new day’, which by a number of radio stations was picked up, but by a number of bigger brothers, if not enough in the summer was seen, and therefore not appropriate in their zomerprogrammatie. That was Sabien still very poor, especially given the busy zomeragenda, 11 July-events, the Gentse Feesten and Song City on the program.
So was looking for a plan B and that was … a stunt. At the beginning of June had Sabien in England two songs written, together with Paul Drew (o.m. known of work for Clouseau) and Jack translation and embossing, writer of songs for, among others, Rag ‘n Bone Man. There was pressure with the England call, and both men proved willing to do everything in their agenda on hold to place to start with the production of one of the new songs. The demand was made on Thursday, the production was launched on Friday, let settle, during the weekend, and finishing (after Sabien her last suggestions had been passed) and mixing on Monday. That same evening, gave her manager the song on Radio 2, which on Wednesday already submitted that he is in the playlist for the summer, was included.
It was still a very busy hassle for a cover to produce and have everything ready for a release now Friday the 6th of July already, but look … the stunt is successful. Two singles on barely three weeks ‘ time. The radios are now able to choose and we match all secretly on the new, in England
produced single: “You know me better than I do”. A summer hit for Sabien Tiels? To know for sure.

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