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Rae Sremmurd: half-witted rap’n ‘ roll

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‘Belgium, can we rock ‘n’ roll?’ wanted the brothers Slim Jxmmy and Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd know. Thick trapbeats dropped from the tape. Rap is the new rock‘n ‘ roll, or that wanted the boys of Rae Srummerd us, I do believe.

Hip-hop with the swag of a rock star, that means for the boys: in a pink Kappa outfit fierce roar into the microphone while their beatbakker to give a kermistoeter let it resound over the meadow. Water bottles leegschudden about the frontstageruimte, that also. And tattoos showing.

“We need everybody to go crazy right now,” prodded Swae Lee the audience. His call reached but a few rows away. Yes, in the ‘Black Beatles’, with z’n funny nod to ‘Daytripper’ by The Beatles, was heavily be bounced. Only, that wasn’t really the merit of the two, because just about all the music came from the tape rolled. Then were The Beatles, is still just something becomes more inventive. And, when we think of the Fab Four of the rap to other names.

Their hip-hop describe them as turnt, what means so much as ‘we want to party and the rest we are in no reet to care’. There was a lot of gepartyd ‘Chanel, with its rattling bass, the church of Werchter did tremble. And an explosive ‘My x’, that unfortunately, after a few rhymes, the head was pressed.

Caribbean vibe

The duo hottest and collided as flipperkastballen about the internship, but after half an hour of bleeding the party. Their dark beats proved too monotonous, their pop songs to little adventurous. Fortunately, brought ‘Powerglide’ some variety with a Caribbean vibe, but what they had in ‘Cocina’ together cooked, turned out to be only halfgaar. As the majority of their hitparadehiphop.

Last showed their stuff in The Barn, however, as explosive as the pineapples that they stuksloegen, but the Main Stage was too large for a party. Hey, you can’t say that they are not uitsloofden. In each song, same happened they a ‘Belgium!’ and Swae Lee and Jxmmy went into the audience hanging. There was a lot of gemosht. Even that guy with his red Axl Rose bandana at the front headbangde violently. Rock‘n ‘ roll, so anyway.

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