Power outages after thunderstorms in southwest France

9cc823e35fcf18b0c379f2bbb7058179 - Power outages after thunderstorms in southwest France

PÉRIGEUX – strong severe Weather event in the south west of France has for power outages taken care of hundreds of thousands of households. Storm and lightning hit particularly in the department of Dordogne. There fell in more than 110,000 households Wednesday the power off. It was in Dordogne, the worst storm in ten years time, reported local media.

In the southwest of France were Thursday morning still 136.000 households without access to electricity, of which more than half in Dordogne. The power company is with might and main started to the recovery of the power supply.

The main cause of the problems with the electricity supply is blown away by the wind of trees. In the department of Corrèze, is a man of a heart attack suffered after he was injured by a tree.

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