Police in Las Vegas investigates the murder of Tupac back

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More than twenty years after the murder of Tupac Shakur, the police in Las Vegas the case in research. Following are statements that the uncle of a former defendant did in the program Death Row Chronicles.

In the docuserie told the former ganglid Keffe D that he knows who the rapper has been murdered. He called the offender by name, because he means the rules of the street would violate. Yet it was fairly clear that he was referring to his nephew and former suspect of the murder of Orlando Anderson. Keffe D claimed that he was the car from which Tupac was shot and that his cousin and a friend in the back seat were where the shot was.

“People are already twenty years behind me for this thing. I come here now to outside because I have cancer and nothing to lose. Now I give only the truth,” said the criminal in the program, which earlier this year was broadcast in the US.

Because of persistent rumors that someone has been arrested following the statements of Keffe D, was the police of Las Vegas Wednesday with a statement. “We are aware that there are statements about the case Tupac are issued in an interview,” a spokesman compared to the local tv station Fox 5 Vegas. “As a result we have over the past months re-examined the case in its entirety. Messages that, therefore, there is a arrest warrant is based, are not correct. This remains an open murder case.”

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