Parkway Drive is coming to our country

6570a73b5ec71e74f7d05e6b41805470 - Parkway Drive is coming to our country

After their sultry set on the Main Stage of Graspop Metal Meeting, announced that Parkway Drive and their return to the concert halls for this fall. With a lot of drums greeted the Australian metal band are Belgian fans on 5 February in forest National. Be prepared!

In 2003, the group sees the light of day in the basement of a home on Parkway Drive at Byron Bay. In 2004, after the Australian metalpubliek conquered with their EP ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes”, pull the band towards United States with a first album in the prospect. Since ” Killing With A Smile’, which appeared in 2005, tying the band’s success, touring and albums to each other. With ‘Horizons’ (2007), ‘Deep Blue’ (2010), ‘Atlas’ (2012) and ‘IRE’ (2015), they build up an unprecedented strong discography that the band is becoming an ever greater audience in all corners of the world convinces. Thanks to their mix of heavy metal and hardcore punk, the band today known as the masters of metalcore. But time to rest is not there for the raging podiumbeesten, just as for their audience: with pounding riffs and sharp percussion, they become their fans time and time again right in the heart.

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