NTR is looking for largest schildertalent

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NTR is for a new tv programme looking for a new Rembrandt. The broadcaster was Thursday known a quest to be started to the nation’s most talented painter.

Hobbyists, of abstract artists to graffiti artists, can sign in and go to a ‘schilderbootcamp’ where they will be tested on their skills. The twelve shortlisted to go through and try in a half a year’s time, the ancient craft of the painter to measure.

The participants have every episode of new tasks to perform and act in this way following in the footsteps of Rembrandt’s pupils. Their works will be judged by a jury that determines who continue or fall by the wayside. The recordings start mid-september and the program will be in the spring of 2019 to see at NPO 1.

Specify for the program can to 22 July via

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