Nicolas Cage gives voice to Spider-Man

4876cdb838d3d760a33106c323afaeab - Nicolas Cage gives voice to Spider-Man

The American actor Nicolas Cage is added to the voice cast of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Fresh’. In animation there are at least four Spider-Men and -Women to see.

Cage would be the voice of Spider-Man Noir say. Other names that are already known, inter alia, Shamiek Moore, who was the voice of Miles Morales is leaving, Jake Johnson, who played the role of Peter Parker and Hailee Steinfeld, Spider-Gwen will leave.

In “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Fresh’ try Miles Morales the life of a superhero to combine with his time in high school. He’s met the adult Peter Parker, who discovers that Miles the same forces. He teaches him what it takes to be a Spider-Man.

The animated film from Sony is from 20 december to see in the cinema.

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