Multiple deaths by vuurwerkexplosies Mexico

34112683586ddf1231d31d7a180102c7 - Multiple deaths by vuurwerkexplosies Mexico

TULTEPEC – In the Mexican place Tultepec are Thursday again people to the life by explosions in a vuurwerkopslag. Local media are reporting that two explosions, one behind the other existed.

According to the authorities are at least sixteen people were killed. A regional government official said on Mexican tv that among the victims, bystanders and rescuers at the accident came down to help.

Tultepec, near Mexico City, is the center of the Mexican vuurwerkindustrie. It often comes to serious accidents in the mostly improvised workshops, storage areas and markets. So came in June, at least seven people dead and fell in 2016, with dozens of deaths due to a heavy explosion on a vuurwerkmarkt.

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