’Melting away’ demolishes tyres in Australia

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TARZALI – A re-paved road in Australia for a lot of misery ensured when the weather turned. Soon after the creation came the rain pouring from the sky, and the sun’s extreme heat caused. And when things went wrong.

Motorists who unsuspectingly on the road cause in the north of Queensland, the tablelands Atherton Tablelands, were soon by that something is not completely right. “People stopped on the side of the road and could not believe what had happened with their car,” says a automobiliste to ABC.

Tires were no longer recognizable by the layer of tar that it was. On some pictures you can see that even the wheels are covered with a thick layer of tar that the tires has left.

Mayor Joe Paronella think you know exactly what happened. He got shortly after the road was constructed calls that the rain several cars were damaged by flying pebbles and gravel. It was decided the gravel to remove, which in retrospect might not be so useful given the expected heat. “I have something never seen,” said the mayor.

Fifty motorists get compensation. A new set of tires costs quickly 750 euro in the country.

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