Manon Meijer finished with THE question: “I am not pregnant!’

a7f878e57368c9855433ca60807f6d3b - Manon Meijer finished with THE question: "I am not pregnant!'

Manon Meijer will get the last months so often hear that something has arrived, followed by the question of whether she is pregnant, that she is ready to quit. In a blog she writes of her frustration of herself: “Dear curious ladies and gentlemen: even if you are in a greater or lesser extent in the public interest, THE question is not lawful.”

It began, according to Manon in January, when she appeared on tv and viewers a belly thought to see. In the months that followed many calls with THE question. “So. You’re forty. To about your ears fall in love and intensely happy. And I don’t think I don’t have to explain that you are from luck just a little bit thicker.”

According to Manon, they are and her great love Guus Meeuwis is still in the “wittewijnsweken.” “Wine, cheese, dinner, thuisdisco with even a glass of wine deep into the night: you’ve got it. My husband to be a Brabander is helps in the case of tight-athletic-lijfbehoud also not really very much. Seen I also agree with m’s head on tv bowl or a Instagrammetje place, the weight gain, unfortunately, not completely unnoticed.”

The stylist confesses that they at first very sad of was, but in the meantime can laugh. “I’m thick…?”. Girlfriend Wendy D. had later that week the solution. “No liefie. You’re not thick, you stráált”. But well, of rays going to your pants and not really per se is too tight (and you stráált’ is equivalent to ‘shit-I-thought-really-that-your-pregnant-was-and-now-have-I-you-might-offend-how-red-I-me-here -, I’ve noticed).”

Or Manon a desire to have children, leave them in the middle. Guus already has four children from a previous marriage.

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