Kelly Osbourne in therapy

Kelly Osbourne goes once a week to a therapist to her alcohol addiction. That revealed the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne to The Sun.

Kelly Osbourne

The 33-year-old Kelly suffers for years with a alcohol and drug addiction and reported on seventeen-year-old age already for therapy to with depression to go. “I believe that everyone therapy would have have. There is still a huge stigma, especially in this country. You train your body well and to keep you going in therapy to your mind is to keep. Your mind, body, and soul to complete the package. I try in the week to go.”

In 2013 well-known they already have drug problems, and she admitted that she once was in trouble that time in solitary confinement had to spend. To say about the British: “I am seven times to a rehabilitation center and to two mental institutions. My mother even left me in a solitary stop to me to scare, but if snotneus, I spent the time just out until she said, ” well, that’s not going to work’.”

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