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Kali Uchis: graceful, sexy, little bit boring

Striding, that is how Kali Uchis on stage came in KlubC. It fit perfectly with the latin-soul and jazz of the American-Colombian, which was then in perfectly with the lead heat on the Werchterwei joined. Sometimes all the cards well.

And Uchis has a good quartet of aces in her sleeve to sit. Of far it seems the 23-year-old singer, what’s on Amy Winehouse, with the sugary sweet quality to her voice, but without the beehive on the head.

Uchis is, however, firmer in her shoes than Winehouse. Where the British attracted to the wrong path, turn off Uchis is there against – ‘I’d rather be a loner’, swaying them an error boyfriend mercilessly. ‘You’re dead to me, could you just leave me alone?’, it sounds elsewhere. The radical rejection brings them with such a sirenenstem and such tempting right that we suddenly Robin Thicke-free in ‘Blurred lines’: is completely confused.

That seemed to be for the rest of the tent to apply. The songs were little more than solemn lull count, but when Uchis yourself on a balmy heupschudden put it, sounded suddenly rings. With as the epitome of ‘After the storm’, where Uchis the absent raps of Tyler, the Creator replaced by even more impressive squats: it is doubtful that a gastverschijning of the rapper more would be loosed in the audience.

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