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James Bay: The Stop.The.Bay.Round!

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When James Bay solo the heartbreaking ‘Scars’ brought, was a man next to us tears to cry. When the soft-rocking ‘When we were on fire’ was on the turn, rubbed the moisture from his eyes and he stepped towards output. We have understanding for both reactions.

The 27-year-old Brit seems to be still looking to the direction he wants. After debut, The chaos and the calm got Bay a stamp as ‘Ed Sheeran with an electric guitar, thanks to sensitive ballads like ‘Let it go’ and a fondness for blues. But on the new Electric light wants to Bay his own boundaries.

And so dumped his distinctive hat, and he experimented with electro (’Wild love’), gospelpop (’Us’) and Songfestivalrock (’Just for tonight’). None of those three broke into The Barn pots. Hearts went on the other hand raft for the axe in ‘Scars’ and ‘Let it go’: the way Bay puppy love describes it, is as beautiful as a man’s cheekbones.

That he is solo and is tender at its best, explains in part to Bay’s lack of a strong voice – thank god for the background singers, that certain numbers dragged. But willpower, he put a euphoric final offensive in. For ‘Best fake smile’ he went so many registers open that he also has a couple of plugs had: suddenly fell to the vocals and guitar way. The public looked at it as a stop-the-band-round and took over flawlessly to this problem can be fixed.

Against the man of ‘Scars’ all over again in the tent. In ‘Hold back the river’ asks Bay to his lovers to get him to the breast to continue printing, even though he disappears from the radar. Judging on how hard that song sung was, Bays fans that the last three years, non-stop continue to do so.

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