Israel continues programmer to technologieroof

TEL AVIV – A programmer in Israel suspected of attempting sensitive cybertechnologie to sell. The man asked on the so-called dark web, the hidden part of the internet, converted more than 42 million euros for the stolen data, made the Israeli ministry of Justice announced.

The suspect, a 38-year-old programmer, would the technology have stolen from his employer. The man hung up on that time of dismissal above the head. He would software and data with a value of hundreds of millions of dollars of the company’s servers NSO Group.


The programmer did on the dark web for as a hacker and wanted to be paid in cryptovaluta. He fell through the basket when his proposed buyer to NSO stepped. The company warned the authorities that the suspect in early June arrested.

The ministry says that the action of the man is a threat to the security of the state. Also had the sale of the data can lead to the downfall of the company, which is under the more surveillancemiddelen supplies to governments and police forces.

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