German government reaches agreement on asylum policy

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The German political parties, CDU-CSU and SPD, have reached an agreement on a package of measures to prevent illegal migration. The issue has caused in the past weeks a lot of discord, and threatened even the government-Merkel to do.

Thursday, it was agreed that there is no transitcentra would come, but that immigrants who are already in another EU country for asylum have applied in the existing police infrastructure would be accommodated. Especially the SPD was against the closed transitcentra.

Both the CDU-CSU as the SPD agree that these immigrants as quickly as possible be returned to the country where they are already an application submitted. ‘The federal police have for the transitprocedure its existing facilities at border use’, it sounds. At Munich airport, for example, will immigrants from the transit area of the airport back to the country where an asylum application had been submitted, be sent for, as appears from a document that the German news agency DPA could be read.

For families and vulnerable persons are there separate areas. The return would be, in principle, within 48 hours need to happen.

No ‘transitcentra’

The word ‘transitcentra’, the CSU was launched but by the SPD strongly criticised in the document Thursday, according to DPA.

The procedure would, in principle, only on the German border with Austria to be applied. There are also bilateral agreements with Italy and Greece is necessary, because in those countries, most of the asylum seekers. Until now the province of Bavaria to around 150 people per month.

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