First migrants of the Lifeline road of Malta

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PARIS/VALLETTA – The first group of migrants with the ship is the Lifeline to Malta were stranded, are recognized by a different European country. The French minister of the Interior, Gérard Collomb, has announced that 52 migrants of the Lifeline in his country have arrived.

The record of this people, according to Collomb announced that his country concrete solidarity with regard to European neighbors in the first line are when it comes to the influx of refugees.

The boat Lifeline of the German aid-organization Mission-Lifeline has approximately 230 distressed migrants off the coast of Libya picked up and run in the direction of Italy. But that country wanted in June, just as Malta, the ship does not allow. Eventually, Malta agreed in the vessel even as the other countries of the EU bijsprongen to migrants. The netherlands is one of the countries that has promised to do that.

Bad name

The organisations, such as Mission-Lifeline have in government circles in Italy and Malta a bad name. They are seen as organizations that are smuggling at least encouraging. The captain of the Lifeline, Claus-Peter Reisch, on the island of Malta prosecuted.

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