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Blockchain Summit in 2018 in London

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The annual “Blockchain Summit” was this year on the 26. and 27. June in the “Olympia” in London held. In 2018, the Event attracted over 2500 leaders from the Blockchain industry. The visitors had access to over 60 Sessions to focus with the Option to one of three Tracks. There are over 50 companies were represented for the marketing of their products.

Blockchain Summit London

The topics covered included all areas with the “Blockchain-cosmos”, and this now includes almost every branch of industry, travel, Banking, social media and real estate trade. Important aspects of the technology, such as energy consumption, regulatory, ICO, strategies, developer-oriented Tracks, and smart contracts were all the rage, however, was a General feeling of wide that the most important application areas in the Security Token, Gaming and supply chains.

A Highlight of the Summits of the Bankorus CEO and founder Greg Van den Bergh, who spoke about the great potential of the Security Token in relation to the next “Big thing”:

“Innovation usually works in three steps, if you look at the social networks such as Friendster, Myspace and Facebook. Facebook is much bigger than all the others. In Crypto, you had to first Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ICOs, which was a much greater wave than the entire Bitcoin Ecosystem. We believe that the third wave, Security-Token, which is exponential will be greater than anything we have in the Crypto seen so far.“

A further possibility for a strong growth was described by Jared Psigod, CEO of Blockchain gaming platform BitGuild,. After he had worked for over 20 years in the game industry, he recognized a great opportunity in the Blockchain for a seamless gaming experience and trade with virtual items – in Essence, the Tokenization of the unique aspects of the games.

“Gaming is a market with over 100 billion dollars in sales per year, in which many of the young and tech-savvy people that learn quickly, are well represented. Game designers are good at it, to gain experience, to facilitate new users get started in this world. Therefore, we believe that this can bring a lot of new people in this industry, if we can manage to make these Blockchain-Games is really exciting and challenging for our users.“

Supply chains
Amit Varma, CTO of Citibank, expects a significant increase in the use of the Blockchain within supply chains between manufacture, shipping and distribution.
“We assume that the costs can be reduced through the use of the Blockchain up to 80%.”

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