Babies sold by the hostesses, Mother Teresa

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RANCHI – An employee of the organization Mother Teresa in India, is suspected of a newborn child to have sold. “We have discovered that some other babies are illegally sold from the centre”, said one of the police ofcers told the BBC.

The arrested employee worked for the organization, Missionaries of Charity, which was set up by the 1997 death of Mother Teresa. The police came in action after a commission for child well-being, CWC, alarm had struck.

Sold for 1400 euro

The CWC president says that the newborn child for a 120,000 rupee (over 1,400 euros) sold to a couple from Uttar Pradesh. The buyers thought that the money was intended for hospital costs. Meanwhile, the commission has thirteen pregnant women removed from a center of the missionaries in Ranchi.

Couples in India want a child to adopt need to take into account with substantial waiting lists. Therefore, people with a desire to have children sometimes resorted to illegal adoption. The police has also two other members of the centre in Jharkhand held. They are interrogated about other possible affairs.

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