Angie Stone to release in Paradiso by disease

655f887b35657642bc46d7d2c41cb4a2 - Angie Stone to release in Paradiso by disease

Angie Stone began due to illness Wednesday night an hour and a half late to her show in Paradiso, amsterdam. That leaves the Amsterdam music hall Thursday in a statement to know.

“We have a lot of comments received about the performance of Angie Stone last night and we want clarification about”, said a spokesman. “Just before the concert turned out to Angie Stone to be sick. After a visit from the doctor and taking serious medication has Angie Stone against doctor’s advice in decided to act. This is to her fans not to disappoint them.”

Paradiso hopes of understanding for the situation and wish the American singer a good recovery. Many fans were on social media critical of the performance of the singer. The concert was qualified as “lackluster” and “disappointing.” Some suggested that the singer may be stoned.

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