American’s environment minister is moving on after series of scandals

1f61e3fb4433d73f98b3a393e2cfda6f - American's environment minister is moving on after series of scandals

Scott Pruitt, the American minister of the Environment, has submit his resignation, and was president Trump via Twitter known.

Pruitt was discredited by a series of scandals, about his lifestyle and the personal use of public money. He stood at the head of the U.s. environmental protection agency EPA. He will be succeeded by his deputé, Andrew Wheeler.

It was not the first time that Pruitt discredited came, making the call to dismiss also becoming increasingly louder, sounded. So he would have tried to use the function with his wife to get a job to help, he received donations from companies in the coal industry, he left the budget of his agency’s explosive rise, he used the staff of the service for personal affairs, including errands and chores. An employee had reportedly been hotel bills with her own credit card to pay.

At the same time, Pruitt notorious because he environmental protection measures afbouwde. But Trump, who would be phasing out support and so is not expected that his resignation will lead to a reversal of the policy.

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