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Alice in Chains: shackled by nostalgia

Of all the bands in the early nineties, the beautiful weather made it from Seattle, leaned Alice In Chains, the most in metal. That was mainly the guitar of Jerry Cantrell; the almost hypnotic humming harmonies of Cantrell and singer Layne Staley.

Staley is dead, it is silly to the new singer, William DuVall – the eternal ‘new’, though,he meanwhile longer in the band than Staley ever was – with his predecessor to continue to compare. DuVall, a southern boy with a massive afro and biceps who spend hours in the gym to betray, may not be physically more different from the blond skeleton Staley, but he sounds eerily exactly like the deceased singer. If he and Cantrell early in the set ‘Them bones’ and ‘Dam that river’ to sing, blast your mind full. The are two songs from the album Dirt (1993), and Alice In Chains have a problem: they have that masterful album, never equalled. Which is strange, because all the singles were from the hand of Cantrell. “No excuses” from the Jar or Flies, from 1994, was perhaps a bigger hit, but half of the set comes from Dirt.And that still sounds magical. “The one you know,” from the new album at the end of August is released, it is a good song with its staccato attack of Sean Kinneys drums and Cantrells guitar, and that is typical of voices. But not as magical as ‘Would’ and ‘Rooster’, of this plate, that closed.

The band sounds excellent, DuVall is a lively frontman, but Alice In Chains is today a much doordeweeksere metal band than in the past. The real asset of the concert is that we go all the way to 1993 were catapulted by a band that probably incredible sounds a lot better than then. But that’s where the nostalgiefilter not take it into account.

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