Adriaan Van den Hoof is doing a Switch’ke

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This summer there will be again severe of places changed on one. The relaxing zomerquiz Switch with Adriaan Van den Hoof for the third time of start. The new season of Switch start on Monday 16 July.

Presenter Adriaan Van den Hoof draws every week, with five players in the direction of the Switch-playing field. In a right or wrong answer, they change consistently from place to place. If after three rounds in the first place, the final play. Every day for a jackpot of 1000 euro played. Is the final not won, the 1000 euro extra in the pot. The images are plenty and, according to Van den Hoof promises to be exciting, to be: “I can tell you that this season we very much exciting finals. Daily jackpots which are constantly increasing and competitive candidates will this year make for a compelling season.” A slightly shorter season this year with only 35 episodes. So We are seven weeks sweet with ‘Switch’.

Those who can’t wait, need to the app-store to go. With the Switch Game you can start quizzes. The app was last summer very popular. With a lot of extra voetbalvragen (on the occasion of the world cup), football fans have an edge. The Switch Game was already 600.00 time downloaded. Who knows, you end up by yourself in the studio. “Some of them had already so often the Switch Game was played that they have in the real place wanted to exchange for a good answer“, says the presenter.

View from 16th July, every weekday Switch to 22.55 on one or where you are on the Not at home? You the broadcast can also record and on the TV Replay you watch the broadcast for up to 36 hours later!

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