Aarschot is gearing up for Fundays

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Friday the 6th of July at 17h is the way of Fundays with the opening of the fair and Komilfoo FM. It is once a night full of tributes from U2, Deep Purple and Bryan Adams. Dj Fiësto should end the day.
On Saturday there is Music for all ‘ as theme. There are o.a. performances of The Corsari’s with Roel Vanderstukken and Dj Pat Krimson that end, it may knit to a fun day.
Sunday there is Schlager@Fundays with from 10 hours a lot of show, Vintage, American & Tuning Cars. The first musical interlude is provided by the Kempense singer Sabine to 16 hours. One hour later, the prices of the tuning cars awarded. After 18 hours, there are many performances of a number of great artists. Sasha & Davy may rush yards, followed by Eveline Cannoot, Sandra Kim, Swoop, Johan Veugelers as guest Otto Lagerfett brings. Valve is no less than Christoff with his live band.

Access to all festivities is FREE! For a full overview of the program and all other info you can visit

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